Frequently asked questions

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Do you also offer transport insurance?

Yes, we even recommend it! You can choose between all risk and limited coverage.

What are delivery conditions or Incoterms?

De Incoterms® are a set of rules, drawn up by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which accurately describe the rights and obligations of both buyer and seller. These are recognized worldwide by both and ensure that both parties know what to do. It prevents these agreements from all having to be recorded separately.

Attention! A common mistake is that they are often incomplete. The complete format is <chosen Incoterms®> <port/city> Incoterms® 2020.

You can read more about Incoterms® om the website of the Chamber of Commerce:

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Which documents do I need for the Customs clearance of my goods?

For customs clearance, we need a copy of the B/L and a commercial invoice.

The first time we provide customs documentation for you, we need a number of documents one time only. These are simple documents and where necessary we are happy to help you fill them in, so that it does not become a complicated matter.

How much import duties do I have to pay when importing my goods?

The import duties percentage depends on the commodity. Your supplier should know the commodity code (also known as the H.S. code or harmonized system code). With an H.S. code and the country of origin we can easily check what the import duties percentage is for your goods.

How are import duties calculated?

Import duties are taxed on the CIF port of destination value (Cost, Insurance, Freight. So the cost of the goods + transport insurance + freight charges to arrival port of destination).

How are import taxes calculated?

Import taxes are taxed on the CIF port of destination value (see above) + import duties + local handling charges at the port of destination + delivery charges up to arrival at final destination.

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