What we do

We arrange the transport of goods from and to anywhere in the world, in the most time-effective and cost-efficient way.

We mediate in:

  • Find the best shipping option based on your specific circumstances
  • Negotiate to get the best price
  • Handling from A – Z or somewhere in between, including documentation

We combine modern technology with personal customer service, using creativity to help solve any problem that may come up, all the while keeping you informed about your shipment’s progress.

We go out of our way to provide the service you need, rather than hoping you need the service we provide.

Worldwide shipping

It really doesn’t matter where from or where to! An incredibly stable global network of agents ensures that we have a competent person at most locations in the world, who takes care of the shipment from that part of the world.

We know most of them personally through years of contact are, as it were, an extension of our office.

By land, sea or air

Ultimately the choice will be yours.

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Trucking
  • By rail
  • By barge
  • Multimodal (a combination of 2 or more of the above)

We give you the possible options and are happy to advise you in order to arrive at the best solution. Here it’s almost always: the shorter the transit time, the higher the price. So definitely worth discussing.

Warehousing, storage and transshipment

  • Short- or long-term storage
  • Transshipment
  • Order picking
  • Labeling
  • (Re)palletizing
  • Delivery of wooden or plastic pallets
  • Taking pictures of the goods

Whatever your warehousing needs, we can offer it all.

Customs and transport documentation

Often feared by the maze of papers, restrictions and obligations. We are happy to take that worry from you and take care of it properly, in the background. Export documents, Customs clearance, certificates of origin, carnets, etc. We’re well schooled in all of it.

Problem solving

That’s actually what freight forwarding is all about; solving the customer’s problem, whatever that may be. We enjoy doing that and have the required knowledge to make it happen. There is a solution to every problem. You learn that in logistics. We live by this and always have positive attitude in looking for ways how something can be done rather than how it can’t be done.

Transport insurance

What if your shipment was in one of these containers? You would want it to be insured, right? We offer and recommend transport insurance:

  • All risk, of limited coverage
  • Door to door coverage
  • No policy costs

Letter of credit (L/C)

We also have experience with this often complicated construction. The bank plays a role in this, whereby the seller is assured of compensation for the shipment delivered and the buyer is assured that the shipment will be released after payment has been made.

In the documentation, including the B/L, even the dots and commas must be perfect. We have an eye for this and have become well experienced through the years.

How can we be of service?

Do you have shipment to send, a question about transport or a logistical problem? We would love to hear from you!

By phone we can often be reached well out of office hours and e-mails are answered quickly.

Positive communication is good for everyone and leads to solutions. We look forward to helping you in English, Dutch, German and a little bit of Spanish.